How Long Does My Blog Post Need to Be?


Whenever someone writes a blog post, the focus is usually to get more people to read it, more comments about the post, more links, and generate more traffic. However, finding out how the ideal length that your audience prefers is a complex issue with some saying that shorter is better while others claim that a long blog post is the best.

To answer the question regarding the ideal length, you will need to know what your mission is when putting down the blog post. Here are important questions you need to ask yourself some of which are:

  • Are you after more comments? If the main aim of writing the blog post is to get more comments and generate a discussion out of the post, it should not be longer than 275 words. Most people will be able to read through a short blog post and leave a comment compared to the number of people that will do the same for a longer blog post.
  • Is having the blog shared on social media your main target? If you want more people to share your blog post on their social media platforms, they should be of a medium length which is usually between 600 and 1250 words. If such a post will have the content that the readers are looking for and is of the right quality, more people will be prompted to share it. It is also notable that blog posts that are of medium length will rank higher on search engines.
  • Are you looking for more traffic? A long, well-researched blog post that is over 2000 words long will generate more traffic. Looking at most of the highest ranking blog posts on Google; you will not that most of them are over 2400 words long.

It is important to ensure that your blog posts are made up of content the readers are searching for. It would be heartbreaking to write a long blog post about an irrelevant topic that no one will ever search for.

If you are at the start of your career, it will be an uphill task to write a content that is too long but this should not limit you. Always ensure that you put down high-quality content regardless of the length as this is what will win the hearts of your readers. As you progress, you will find it easier to write long posts and still remain relevant. Writing is fun and you should not feel obligated to write to a particular length. The more you write, the more you the ideas will flow and in doing this, you will be amazed at the number of words you can write.

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