Do I Need to Use HTTPS for My Website?


HTTPS, which is a way of encrypting the information sent between a website server and a browser, is an important tool for every website owner who wishes to boost the confidence of those accessing his site. It is an indication that all the information submitted to the website is secure and cannot be accessed by a third party.

In the past, HTTPS was only used on websites which contained sensitive information but the trend has changed. Almost all the top-ranking websites have an HTTPS connection as a way of assuring their customers that they care about their safety every time they access their website. Below are other reasons why you need HTTPS for your website:

  • Better ranking on search engines: If you look at most of the sites that rank high on search engines such as Google, you will note that they are HTTPS compliant. A site may have a content that is almost similar to yours but since it has HTTPS, the ranking will be higher which means that Google ranking will favor websites that have HTTPS.
  • Increase conversion: A website that has a secure connection will have more visitors especially if it has to do with the submission of personal information. No customers will proceed with keying in personal information if he sees an indication that the connection is insecure.
  • Boost customers confidence: If you are able to assure your customers that they can trust you with their sensitive information and that no third party will be able to access it, you will have more customers especially if it is a commercial website. Your customers will have faith in you and any time they need a product that you can offer, they will not hesitate to log into your website.
  • Security: A website that has HTTPS is almost impossible to hack which means the information contained in the website will be secure. Cybercriminals will mostly target the websites that are not secure and if this happens to you, it will be a huge drawback.

Every website owner needs a HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to be able to stand out against the increasing competition. You would not want to lose valuable customers by neglecting the security of the information they will entrust you when making a transaction on your website. A reputation that has taken a lot of effort to build will be ruined in a minute if a security breach occurs and to avoid this, getting an HTTPS is the best option. Unlike in the past when customers did not care much about security when browsing, they are becoming more sensitive and will immediately leave a site he feel is not secure and search for an alternative.

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