Best CMS For My Blog Website


CMS as most of us already know stands for “content management system”. The reason why CMSs are popular these days is that they enable a non-technical user to create powerful websites and blogs. These websites not only look beautiful but are also capable of handling huge traffic numbers. CMS makes website handling and editing easy too. With the right plugin installed, you can make any sort of changes to your blog and that too with no knowledge of coding.

The best part is, most popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc are free to use and can be installed in a single click.

Which Is the Best CMS Blogging?

It is hard to name a single content management system as the winner here, so we have picked 2.


WordPress is the world’s most commonly used CMS. It is not only suited for blogging websites but can be used to create stunning, full-fledged, multi-purpose websites. The WordPress is Open Source and hence free. You can choose from hundreds (probably thousands) of free themes for your website. Users also have an option to purchase or create their own theme. The WordPress core is regularly updated, which means that your website is always secure (if you’re updating the WP and the plugins regularly).

The WordPress community is pretty active and always there to help. If you have a question, you can use their forum to receive quick and professional help.


Ghost is a content management system dedicated to blogging. The best thing about Ghost is its elegance and simplicity. Node.js powers Ghost, which makes it less vulnerable to hacks and attacks as compared to other platforms using PHP.

It is extremely easy to set up and install. With great customization tools, you can create your own blog the way you want it. What we really liked about Ghost is its split-screen editing function, which lets the user see changes to their blog in real time.


Ghost is still new in the market while WordPress has been around for some time now. Ghost is still in the development stage and we are sure to see some great additions to the platform in near future. When it comes to ease of use and functionality, nothing can beat WordPress. So, for starters, we would recommend WP. If you are a seasoned blogger who is always looking to try new and exciting stuff then give Ghost a try.

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