Dick Havergard


How Long Does My Blog Post Need to Be?

Whenever someone writes a blog post, the focus is usually to get more people to read it, more comments about the post, more links, and generate more traffic. However, finding out how the ideal length that your audience prefers is a complex issue with some saying that shorter is better while others claim that a long blog post is the best. To answer the question regarding the ideal length, you


Best CMS For My Blog Website

CMS as most of us already know stands for “content management system”. The reason why CMSs are popular these days is that they enable a non-technical user to create powerful websites and blogs. These websites not only look beautiful but are also capable of handling huge traffic numbers. CMS makes website handling and editing easy too. With the right plugin installed, you can make any sort of changes to your


Do I Need to Use HTTPS for My Website?

HTTPS, which is a way of encrypting the information sent between a website server and a browser, is an important tool for every website owner who wishes to boost the confidence of those accessing his site. It is an indication that all the information submitted to the website is secure and cannot be accessed by a third party. In the past, HTTPS was only used on websites which contained sensitive